SWIC to begin phase two of decarbonization plans

The South Wales Industrial Cluster (SWIC) deployment project, led by Costain, has been granted phase two funding of nearly £20m following successful completion of phase one assessments looking at decarbonization schemes and the infrastructure required for a hydrogen economy in South Wales.

Plug Power to operate two liquefaction plants in US

Plug Power has placed an order for two 15 t/d liquefaction plants. This is in line with Plug Power’s previously announced strategy to build the first green hydrogen generation network in the US.

RWE to consider green H2 unit at Pembroke gas plant

RWE is investigating the feasibility of a green hydrogen unit at its Pembroke gas plant, in order cut carbon emissions.

UK’s first H2 transport hub gets $4.2 MM government boost

The UK’s first-ever hydrogen transport hub is one step closer to becoming a reality, with the unveiling of an official masterplan and £3 MM (US $4.2 MM) in government funding.

JV to deliver H2 power to marine sector

Element 1 Corp., Ardmore Shipping and Maritime Partners have agreed to deliver hydrogen power to the marine sector.

Ballard powering New Zealand's first fuel-cell electric bus

Ballard Power Systems' FCmove fuel cell module is powering the first-ever Fuel Cell Electric Bus (FCEB) manufactured in New Zealand.

Fortescue, EIG firms to explore green H2 plant development in Brazil

EIG and Fortescue Future Industries have signed an MOU to jointly conduct feasibility studies on installing a green hydrogen plant at the Port of Açu, Latin America’s largest privately owned deep-water port-industrial complex.

EEW to develop one of the largest green H2 & solar plants in Australia

EEW is set to become a player in the development of green hydrogen with a major Australian development.

Xebec, Coregas to accelerate H2 ecosystem development in Australia

Xebec subsidiary, HyGear, and Coregas, signed an MOU to develop a robust ecosystem for the deployment of highly efficient hydrogen supply to the transport, industrial and commercial markets across Australia and New Zealand.

Green H2 production planned for Spain refueling stations

Fusion Fuel Green has signed an MOU with Grupo Zoilo Ríos to jointly develop the first green hydrogen production capacity next to a service station in Spain.

HESC pilot project begins H2 supply chain operations at Victorian sites

The Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) pilot project announced the commencement of operations at both Victorian sites of its world-first integrated supply chain.

Port of Malaga backs green H2 development plans

The Port of Malaga is committed to the development of projects based on the use of renewable energies infrastructures located in the port area, with the aim of contributing to a clean economy and to the mitigation of climate change.

Proton Technologies site expected to produce 1000 t of H2 per day

Proton Technologies began separating hydrogen again in late February at their project in Saskatchewan, Canada.

SHC, National Grid partner on developing H2 infrastructure

Standard Hydrogen Corporation (SHC) and National Grid have established a partnership for development and deployment of hydrogen infrastructure.

NanoSUN completes manufacturing of H2 refueler

Manufacturing has been completed on NanoSUN's first large-scale hydrogen refueler - the Pioneer, with the commissioning activity also having been successfully carried out.

AeroDelft team unveils plans for LH2 powered airplane

The student team AeroDelft has revealed the finished structure of their prototype airplane powered by liquid hydrogen, called ‘Phoenix PT’.