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Sobek Renewable Natural Gas Project Breaks Ground in Florida

Brightmark, a global waste solutions provider, broke ground on the Sobek Renewable Natural Gas project, which will deliver gas into the TECO People Gas pipeline system.

Vacuum Excavator Market Surges with Enhanced Capabilities

Dual-purpose vacuum excavators are a familiar sight on horizontal directional drilling sites, but utility contractors have also found them valuable for other underground construction jobs.

Eliminating the Need for Pulling Augers

Performing large-diameter bores on-target and on-grade is always challenging, but that's especially true in rocky soils. Those conditions are precisely what was faced on a recent sewer replacement project in Kentucky

Natural Gas Efficiency Programs Pay Off in Reduced Costs, Carbon Emissions

North American natural gas utilities have been spending nearly $4 million a day for programs to make customers more efficient use of the fuel. A new study shows those investments are paying off.



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