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Global Energy Infrastructure

Global Energy Infrastructure (GEI) is a new market intelligence tool for the international energy industry. GEI combines Gulf Energy Information's (Construction Boxscore) established downstream project data set with new data sets for hydrogen, renewables, global pipelines, and LNG. 

Energy Web Atlas

The Energy Web Atlas™ is a comprehensive source of actionable project intelligence for the international energy industry. 

Construction Boxscore Database

Hydrocarbon Processing's Construction Boxscore is the leading global database for refining, petrochemical, natural gas and LNG industries.


Hydrocarbon Processing - Full Access Plan

Since 1922, Hydrocarbon Processing has been a leader in providing cutting-edge technical content and information to the global refining, petrochemical, gas processing and LNG industries.

World Oil - Full Access Plan

World Oil delivers in-depth features and articles on drilling, production and exploration, as well as economics, management issues and statistical analysis. 

2017 Refining Processes Handbook

For over 65 years, Hydrocarbon Processing's Refining Processes Handbook has been a definitive resource for processing technologies used in the refining industry.


HPI Market Data 2020 is the hydrocarbon processing industry’s most trusted forecast of capital, maintenance and operating expenditures for the petrochemical, refining and natural gas/LNG industries. 

PE Outlook 2020

Drawing on expert commentary and forecasts from across the industry, and including contributions from chief executives, Wall Street analysts, oil ministers and thought-leaders, Outlook 2020 will offer you the definitive global view of energy markets, economics and politics in 2020. A forward-looking book which annually informs investors and decision-makers and sets the industry’s agenda for the year ahead.