New green energy company, National H2, launches

A new green energy company has been launched today, National H2, to build Australia’s first network of H2 production plants.

The company intends to purchase businesses with existing revenue streams, contracts, infrastructure, biomass supplies and industrially zoned land, which they will use to develop state-of-the-art H2 facilities.

National H2 will be able to accelerate its pathway to H2 production as they are targeting sites that have the land, cash flow and feedstock required to execute projects of this caliber. The company is set to announce the acquisition of sites in the next few weeks.

Once National H2 has started constructing biomass to energy plants and has a series of offtake agreements in place, it will seek a planned listing on a major exchange to expand its operations into more sites.

Through this strategy, National H2 believes they are strongly positioned to build the next generation of legacy infrastructure that will connect millions of people with clean H2 energy for the next hundred years.