CIP proposes to build a H2 island in the North Sea by 2030

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners proposes to build an artificial island dedicated to large-scale production of green H2 from offshore wind.

CIP, Allianz Investment Management to conduct feasibility study on German energy island

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and Allianz Investment Management have agreed to jointly conduct a feasibility study in respect of an artificial energy island in the German North Sea.

ZMHT, Element 1 partner to deliver H2 technology to greater China

Element 1 has announced the formation of a JV with Zhejiang Methanol Hydrogen Technology to drive methanol-based H2 generation technology and commercialize e1NA’s technology throughout greater China.

WATT Fuel Cell increases efficiency of its fuel cells, reduces CO2 emissions

WATT Fuel Cell announced a technological advancement that increases the efficiency of its fuel cells and reduces their CO2 emissions using a new catalytic partial oxidation fuel processing technology.

HIF Global launches eFuels company in Germany

HIF Global continues its global expansion with the launch of HIF EMEA headquartered in Berlin, Germany. HIF EMEA will anchor eFuels from HIF Global’s production facilities worldwide to the EMEA region.

Koil Energy Solutions to provide H2 energy services

Koil Energy Solutions announced the receipt of an order to provide H2 energy related services. This is the company’s first commercial success in support of the energy transition.

H2 Clipper, the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen to collaborate on advancing the green H2 revolution

H2 Clipper announces a collaboration agreement with the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies to establish a framework for the feasibility testing of H2 Clipper’s technologies for transporting and distributing H2 worldwide.

Sumitomo Corporation, Promigas enter agreement to accelerate H2 mobility in Colombia

Sumitomo Corporation and Promigas announced their intent to collaborate on the development of H2 mobility solutions in Colombia.

Chevron launches CCS project in San Joaquin Valley, California

Chevron announced it is launching a CCS project aimed at reducing the carbon intensity of its operations in San Joaquin Valley, California.

DNV to evaluate H2 suitability of Czech Republic natural gas pipeline

DNV has been requested by NET4GAS to evaluate the H2 suitability of an existing DN 1400 pressure natural gas transmission pipeline and related stations.

Ultrathin fuel cell uses the body’s own sugar to generate electricity

Engineers have developed a glucose power source that could fuel miniature implants and sensors.

Toagosei announces the commercial opening of Toagosei H2 station Tokushima

Toagosei Co. announced the commercial opening of Toagosei H2 Station Tokushima, which supplies H2 to fuel cell vehicles and fuel cell buses.

Plug Power lands 1 GW electrolyzer order with H2 energy Europe

Plug Power has been awarded an order to deliver a one-gigawatt electrolyzer to H2 company H2 Energy Europe.

Sif Group, GE Renewable Energy and Pondera sign MoU for the feasibility study of a Green H2 centralized offshore wind production project

The AmpHytrite project, is aimed at mastering the complexity of a centralized offshore and off-grid H2 production unit and is aiming a staged construction and operation of this green H2 offshore wind production unit.

Raven SR signs MoU with Gevolve Solutions to expand global H2 footprint into Australia

Raven SR announced the signing of a MoU with Gevolve Solutions to provide opportunities for Indigenous people to continue to lead in the energy transition towards a lower-carbon future.

GenCell partners with RedHawk Energy to deliver clean resilient backup power solutions

GenCell Energy and RedHawk Energy Systems announced a partnership to deliver GenCell’s long-duration and zero-emission fuel cell backup power systems to support critical infrastructure requirements in the U.S. rail and other key industry sectors.