GP JOULE continues to expand H2 production with H-TEC SYSTEMS 2-MW electrolyzer

GP JOULE has ordered an electrolyzer with a capacity of 2 megawatts from H-TEC SYSTEMS. The electrolyzer is to produce H2 for a filling station in Bremerhaven. The electricity required for this will come from a nearby wind farm. The delivery and installation of the electrolyzers is scheduled for mid-2023. H-TEC SYSTEMS and GP JOULE are thus building on the successful cooperation, including in the eFarm lighthouse project in North Friesland.

The H2 production plant is to be built in the Grauwallring industrial area in Bremerhaven. It is part of the HY.City.Bremerhaven H2 project initiated by GP JOULE and Green Fuels GmbH. Construction and operation of the electrolysis plant are the responsibility of GP JOULE. The green H2 is delivered from Grauwallring to a filling station at the depot of Bremerhaven Bus, the local bus company. The H2 filling station will also be open to other customers. In March, the project received the funding approval from the Federal Ministry of Transport as part of the HyLand funding. The HY.City.Bremerhaven is part of the H2 network project Hyways for Future, which extends over the metropolitan region northwest from Oldenburg to Cuxhaven.

Development of the H2 economy in the northwest is progressing rapidly

While many hydrogen regions in Germany are still busy with preliminary studies, implementation in the north-west is already under way. The experiences of the actors from the eFarm project are a great help. Three out of five planned electrolysis units from H-TEC SYSTEMS are already in operation there. Heinrich Gärtner, CEO and co-founder of GP JOULE said, "We look forward to working with H-TEC SYSTEMS again."

André Steinau, Managing Director of GP JOULE HYDROGEN said, “The order for the electrolyzer is a big step for the HY.City.Bremerhaven project. The well-established cooperation and the reliable technology will help us to bring the project to the home stretch on time and to be able to offer regional green hydrogen in Bremerhaven in 2023.

Experience and flexibility with H-TEC SYSTEMS electrolyzers

25 years of experience and development work have gone into the PEM electrolyzers from H-TEC SYSTEMS. Thanks to their high flexibility, they are particularly suitable for coupling with the fluctuating energy sources wind and sun. The delivery of the entire unit in a compact container ensures that installation and commissioning at the installation site are quick and problem-free.

Frank Zimmermann, CFO of H-TEC SYSTEMS said, "We are pleased to be working together with our long-standing partner GP JOULE to make the infrastructure in Bremerhaven greener and thus make an active contribution to the energy transition."