Choose the most effective components for H2 fuel cell vehicles

As part of the industry-wide drive to develop high-efficiency, low-emissions vehicles, manufacturers are investing significant revenue in H2 mobility and its related infrastructure.

Clean H2 and e-fuels: Important pillars of the energy transition

Global energy consumption is projected to rise nearly 50% above its current level over the next three decades.

H2 value chain analysis comparing different transport vectors—Part 3

The final part of this article here will consider the ammonia and methylcyclohexane value chains, safety considerations and the study conclusions.

The challenges of delivering a large-scale green H2 project—Part 2

In Q1 2021, the co-authors’ company delivered a front-end engineering design for the Arrowsmith Hydrogen Plant, a staged development by Infinite Blue Energy Group.

H2Tech: Technology spotlight

BEHYOND has finished studying the technical and economic feasibility of generating green H2 from wind produced offshore, where wind resources abound.

Regional Report: Striving to net-zero: Europe bets big on H2 to decarbonize the region

To combat GHG emissions in the EU, the region has and will continue to invest heavily in new H2 production and infrastructure capacity.

Projects update

Update on the latest projects in the hydrogen sector.

Global projects data

Gulf Energy Information’s Global Energy Infrastructure database is tracking more than 860 H2 projects around the world.

Monitoring H2 plant performance

A good system of process monitoring not only ensures safe and reliable plant operations, but also helps in making strategic decisions such as catalyst changeout schedules.

Obtaining accurate flow measurements is essential to electrolytic H2 production

The electrolysis process is used in many different industries, including metal extraction, zinc and copper refining, electroplating, semiconductors and green H2 production.

Editorial Comment: Investments in global H2 industry forecast to surge to 2050

It is our mission to publish the latest technologies, services and products to the global energy industries.

Approaching green ammonia as a zero-carbon fertilizer, fuel and energy storer

In addition to its established role in the fertilizer industry, ammonia has many energy applications: it shows potential as a zero-carbon fuel, a low-carbon energy storage medium and a carrier for H2.

The challenges of delivering a large-scale green H2 project—Part 1

With a global energy transition underway, interest in H2 as an essential vector in a future energy system is skyrocketing.

H2 blending in natural gas pipelines—technological challenges and opportunities

H2 is expected to play an important role in the energy transition, reinforcing the use of renewable energy resources and providing a low- to no-carbon footprint.

Power to gas, liquids, chemicals: An approach to industrial decarbonization with H2

Around the world, electricity is being generated from renewable resources like sun, wind, hydro, tidal and geothermal.

H2 on tap: Supporting decarbonization by pipelining H2 to the point of use

H2 is set to play an increasingly important role in the world’s energy mix. As an industry feedstock, a source of heat and power or a transportation fuel, H2 has the potential to gradually decarbonize large sectors of industry.