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Hess market cap plunges $1.5 billion, Exxon vessel blocked by Venezuelan protest

Hess Corp. tumbled the most in almost three years, wiping out $1.5 billion in market valuation, after work at the oil explorer’s most promising international investment was halted by a Venezuelan blockade.

Hard Rock Completes Gas Pipe Crossing Under Rio Grande

Every long HDD installation has something that sets it apart from other projects, but few involve crossing international boundaries.

Pipeline Replacement Projects Still Boosting Infrastructure Work

A large volume of work remains in the United States for multibillion-dollar infrastructure replacement programs, with many now underway and more destined to follow. In this summary report, P&GJ provides an overview of the current widespread activity.

Select NGL recovery and optimization technologies using simulation and algorithm

It can be difficult to find common criteria for the design of NGL recovery plants. Many processes are available in the market for NGL recovery. These processes typically utilize cryogenic-turboexpander-based processes with one or more reflux streams

New in Gas Processing Technology

The American Petroleum Institute (API) issued a statement regarding the US Environmental Protection Agency’s release of data from its Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Reporting Program report

Global Project Data

Energy Web Atlas is tracking nearly 100 active gas processing/LNG projects in the US. Approximately 40% of these projects are for the construction of LNG export terminals, while the remaining 60% are for the construction of new infrastructure to process additional domestic shale gas production.

Viewpoint: The opportunity for greater growth and value—Considerations for crude-to-chemicals projects

Industry players are focused on upgrading to higher-growth, higher-value chemical products. One approach to achieve this on a large scale is crude-to-chemicals facilities.

Details on high-impact refining and petrochemical projects presently under construction, as chosen by HP editors and readers

The global hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) continues to expand and modernize to efficiently meet growing demand for energy, transportation fuels and petrochemicals.

New Petrobras boss gets warm reception

Appointment of ‘Chicago Boy’ to head state-owned giant reinforces reform agenda optimism

It's Complicated: The Politics of Pipelines

While the most noteworthy projects targeted by protesters have largely been completed, the "pipeline wars" continue. A new pipeline proposal of any size is likely to meet strong resistance from landowners.

Permian Basin — Where Midstream Infrastructure Needs Take on Outsized Importance

P&GJ's updated examination of the Permian midstream reveals extraordinary growth projections for the one-of-a-kind petroleum basin with potential for a robust buildout to continue for years to come,

Interview: Convincing Europe to embrace nuclear power

Tim Yeo faces an uphill struggle in trying to persuade Europeans to think nuclear

Industry Perspectives: New downstream project announcements surge 43% over the past year

According to the Hydrocarbon Processing Construction Boxscore Database, more than 320 new downstream capital projects have been announced over the past year.

Methodology for model-based, real-time prediction of corrosion in heat exchangers

In the chemical and process industries, gases or vapor mixtures must be cooled to temperatures near the water dewpoint in a variety of thermal unit operations.

Interview: Sonatrach's CEO aims to 'shake trees'

Head of Algerian firm aims to reorganise it from the ground up

Hydrocarbon Processing Awards

Hydrocarbon Processing, the downstream processing sector’s leading technical publication, has announced the finalists for its second annual awards.