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The greening of the downstream industry: A carbon investment case for clean refining

Hydrocarbon Processing was pleased to speak recently with Mark Fonda, Executive Vice President, Engineering and Chief Technical Officer for Meridian Energy Group, which is building two grassroots refineries in the US.

HDD Contractors Share Successful Approaches to Modern Workforce Challenges

While the challenge of attracting and developing employees remains a serious issue industrywide, some leading HDD contractors are proving that smart workforce strategies can make a positive difference by aligning goals, motivating employees and building long-term commitment.

Modeling and Prediction of Black Powder Erosion of Gas Pipelines

Black powder particles are jagged and harder than many engineering materials used in pipelines and pipeline components and hence can be very erosive. The authors share the results of their research into erosion resistances of different materials.

NGVs battle zero-emissions rivals in EU transport sector

Fuelling vehicles with natural gas is often cost-effective, but a push to use even greener alternatives is holding the sector back

Efficiency improvements in liquefaction using vortex feed gas precooling

In today’s competitive energy environment, low-cost LNG from North America, the Middle East and Russia/CIS is the most economic way for energy-disadvantaged countries and remote areas throughout the world to reduce their dependency on higher-cost and dirtier fossil fuels.

Optimal gas pretreatment technologies for developing FLNG projects

Floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) technology is expected to be the next technological breakthrough for monetizing offshore stranded gas fields and transporting gas to areas of consumption

Risk: Navigating energy volatility: Understanding the principles of commodity risk management

The persistent volatility of energy prices is well known, and sustained price movements have fueled a boom-and-bust cycle in different energy sectors for decades.

Set refinery profitability goals

While the ultimate purpose of operating a refinery is to produce gasoline, diesel or asphalt, key objectives include improving return on investment (ROI), net profitability and cash flow.

TANAP’s Seismic Fault Crossing Posed Challenges For Welding

The Trans Anatolia Natural Gas Pipeline transports Azeri gas from the Shah Deniz field through Turkey and Europe. Construction of the technically challenging project was complicated by the North Anatolian Fault.

Consumers Energy Modernizes System with Saginaw Trail Pipeline

In Michigan, Consumers Energy is modernizing its natural gas system to improve safety and reliability, and a key element is replacing 78 miles of transmission pipeline that passes through three Michigan counties.

LNG spot trading on a roll

Growth in “true” LNG spot trading is set to continue, with an emergent role for portfolio players and traders

Baltic Pipeline Project to Carry Norwegian Gas to Eastern Europe

Danish gas transmission operator Energinet and Polish gas transmission operator GAZ-System are jointly planning a new bidirectional transnational pipeline, linking the Norwegian North Sea offshore gas fields with markets in both Denmark and Poland.

How to Select the Right Trench Protection System

With four types of workable, OSHA-approved protective solutions available—sloping, benching, shoring and shielding—utility companies and contractors will be safest and most productive if they learn how to select the most effective system for a given job site.

Power: Temporary power tips for turnarounds and maintenance activities

Maintenance activities and turnarounds often prove challenging to a facility’s electrical power system.

Four key benefits of an integrity operating window (IOW) implementation

In today’s operating facilities, it is critical to have robust mechanical integrity (MI) programs that provide the capability to understand the various parameters that affect asset integrity so that inspections can be planned accordingly.

Changing the game

Brandishing an array of government initiatives and the allure of world-class geology, Brazil is intent on reversing recent years of decline in overall production.