Next Era sets decarbonization goals - 16GW of NG units to be converted to green hydrogen

As the producer of more electricity than any other U.S. energy provider, NextEra Energy has made and plans to continue making a significant impact on the reduction of carbon emissions both for its sector and the U.S. economy overall.

The company plans to leverage its Zero Carbon Blueprint to reduce carbon emissions along three parallel paths:

A significant portion of NextEra Energy's plan to eliminate carbon emissions is designed to take place at Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), which is the nation's largest electric utility serving over 12 million Floridians.

Over the last 20 years, FPL has improved its carbon-emissions rate by 40%, resulting in an emissions profile that today is already 28% below the national average. Over that time, FPL has eliminated its use of foreign oil and shuttered all of its coal plants in Florida while saving its customers more than $12 billion in avoided fuel costs.

As part of Real Zero, FPL's goal is to significantly accelerate the transformation of its generation mix, reaching 36% decarbonized by 2025, 52% by 2030, 62% by 2035 and 83% by 2040, culminating in 100% decarbonized by no later than 2045. FPL plans to reach these interim targets through further modernization of its generation fleet in Florida, which will be comprised of a diverse mix of solar, battery storage, existing nuclear, green hydrogen and other renewable sources.

FPL intends to achieve Real Zero across its operations at zero incremental cost for its customers, relative to alternatives, and to keep FPL customer bills among the lowest in the country, just as they have been for more than a decade. As natural gas generation is reduced, customers would benefit from increased cost certainty in their electric bill as fuel price volatility would decrease over time until it is a negligible factor by 2045.

Specifics of FPL's Real Zero goal include:

"FPL's Real Zero goal represents a continuation of what we've long done for our customers — making disciplined and proven long-term investments in low-cost, clean and reliable technology, while keeping customer bills affordable and well below the national average," said Eric Silagy, chairman and chief executive officer, FPL.

"This isn't a plan to plant trees or purchase offsets, but rather would be a complete elimination of our incremental carbon emissions in Florida to the benefit of our customers, a clean environment and the state's growing economy. Successful implementation of our plan would be a literal game changer for our customers, for Florida and for any other utilities who want to walk with us as we work toward achieving Real Zero."