Cummins selects Alexey Ustinov to lead electrolyzer business

Cummins Inc. has named Alexey Ustinov the leader of its H2 generation business as Vice President of Electrolyzers. Ustinov has been with Cummins for 28 years and will leverage his deep industry expertise, most recently leading the company’s off-highway diesel engine segment, to realize Cummins’ goals in the H2 technology space.

“I’m thrilled to have Alexey at the helm of this team of innovators to accelerate the scaling and adoption of H2 technologies,” said Amy Davis, Vice President and President of New Power at Cummins. “H2 will play a significant role in a decarbonized global economy, with the ability to support the most energy-intensive industries. Electrolysis represents a critical component of a net-zero future, and Alexey’s expertise and experience will help us drive the technology and the market forward.”

Based in Brussels, Belgium, Ustinov will work with leadership of Cummins’ alternative power business unit and teams across the world to solve for the industry’s unique challenges.

“Cummins has a robust strategy to realize a more sustainable future, the crux of which is bringing cleaner technology to the market quickly,” said Ustinov. “H2 innovation is at the forefront of our path to a zero-emissions future, and we have the market-leading technology and world-class talent to help customers in the most difficult-to-abate sectors make the transition. I am inspired by the incredible potential we have to better the industries and the communities in which we work.”

Most of the 75 MMt of H2 used today is produced using natural gas through a process called steam methane reforming. This type of H2 is classified as grey H2 and while better than fossil fuels, still produces harmful greenhouse gases. Cummins is committed to scaling water electrolysis powered by renewable electricity, which produces what is classified as green H2. When an electrolysis plant is run with energy from solar, wind or hydropower, the H2 produced is carbon-free.

Cummins has a broad portfolio of renewable H2 technologies, commercially producing both proton exchange membrane (PEM) and alkaline electrolyzers. Reports from both Credit Suisse and McKinsey recognize Cummins PEM electrolyzer technology has the best efficiency in the market. Cummins is also conducting research and development for solid oxide electrolyzers, with the help of a recent U.S. Department of Energy project award.

Cummins electrolyzers power the largest PEM electrolysis plant in operation in the world in Bécancour, Canada, at 20MW, and the company recently announced a new 25MW green H2 plant project with Florida Power & Light. Cummins technology also powers the world’s first H2 fuel cell passenger train in pilot operation across Europe; the world’s first H2-powered commercial maritime vessel, a 75-passenger ferry off the coast of San Francisco, California; and the world’s first H2 refueling station for ships, cars, trucks and industrial customers in Antwerp, Belgium.