Burckhardt Compression, HRS accelerate partnership for large-capacity H2 stations

HRS and Burckhardt Compression announced the signing of a supply contract for the delivery of several diaphragm compressors. They will be integrated into HRS’ H2 refueling stations with a capacity of over 1 tpd. This follows the recent partnership agreement signed on March 15.

The partnership between HRS and Burckhardt Compression is the result of a shared conviction: the development of H2 for the mobility market is an essential pillar of the decarbonization of the global energy system. The aim is to provide refueling solutions for intensive market use, with a capacity of over 1 tpd, to meet the market demand for heavy transport (bus, trucks, ports) and light commercial vehicles (taxi fleets). The partnership also provides a joint response to new market opportunities, particularly to future demand on the H2 mobility market (boats, trains, aircraft, etc.).

Burckhardt Compression and HRS have thus pooled their know-how to develop large-capacity H2 refueling stations. A design for 1-2 tpd stations has been drawn up using specific compressors produced by Burckhardt Compression and taking industrialization constraints into account, which should lead to Capex optimization in the long run.

The two-year contract secures a stock of several of these compressors, which can be delivered to HRS within a few weeks. This will be necessary to respond swiftly to the expected ramp up in demand for large-capacity stations, which is already strong. It also activates HRS’ order for the first two units, which will enable the first 1 tpd stations in its order backlog to go into production. As part of the partnership, Burckhardt Compression will promote HRS solutions on its website, as one of its key customers for H2 mobility applications.

Fabrice Billard, CEO of Burckhardt Compression said, "We are very pleased that the recent partnership between our two companies has resulted in a first significant order for compressors. We are convinced that this innovative agreement will support the H2 mobility in France and the decarbonization of transportation."

Hassen Rachedi, Founder and CEO of HRS said, "We are following our plan to provide the first large capacity stations in collaboration with our partner Burckhardt Compression. The integration of their unique technologic know-how into our stations will allow us to accelerate the deployment of H2 mobility. This partnership, which accentuates our presence in Switzerland and our European footprint, is also a further step towards the structuring of our industry, an ambition that we carry with conviction at HRS!"