Global Projects Data

Gulf Energy Information’s Global Energy Infrastructure (GEI) Database and Construction Boxscore Database are tracking 413 active and operating carbon-neutral and low-carbon H2 production and utilization projects around the world.

Among green, blue, yellow, pink and turquoise H2 production projects that will produce and/or use H2 as a carbon-free, climate-friendly energy carrier, the vast majority—around 71%—are located in Europe; North America is in second, with around 20% of the project count. Breakdowns of active and operating project market share and project numbers by region and H2 production type are shown below.

The map, provided by GEI’s Energy Web Atlas, shows the distribution of active and operating H2 projects of various types throughout North America. As shown on the map, green and blue H2 projects are taking off in the U.S. and Canada for low-carbon chemical and industrial feedstock, energy storage, power generation and mobility applications.

Blue H2 projects have significant momentum, especially in the U.S., as a lower-cost way of producing low-emissions H2 for industrial and other needs in the transition to greener technologies. For more information on active low-carbon H2 projects in North America, please see this issue’s Regional Report.