H2Tech: A working technical journal for the hydrogen community


A. BLUME, Editor-in-Chief 

H2Tech: A working technical journal for the hydrogen community 

Welcome to the inaugural issue of H2Tech! Designed as a working technical journal for engineers and business professionals involved in fuel, industrial and chemical applications for hydrogen, H2Tech keeps readers abreast of new developments in this fast-growing sector. The publication offers in-depth, front-line examination of issues and opportunities facing the H2 industry, with a sharpened focus on present and future technology applications. 

H2 holds much promise for development, with a recent study by DNV reporting that 67% of oil and gas professionals believe H2 will be a significant part of the energy mix by 2030, and 33% are actively entering the H2 market. The EU has announced €470 B ($550 B) in funding for zero-emissions H2 production by 2050, California is expanding its H2 fueling network for FCEVs, Australia and Japan have launched a joint H2 supply chain, and the Middle East intends to power H2 and green ammonia projects with its abundant solar resources—to name a few of the initiatives in play. 

As stated in our editorial mission, H2Tech was founded to communicate new technologies, applications and trends to the global H2 sector, strengthen reader knowledge with in-depth technical articles, and bring together experts and partners with our resources. These resources include daily news (www.H2-Tech.com), a weekly podcast (H2TechTalk), conferences (H2Tech Solutions, 18–19 May 2021, virtual), webcasts, whitepapers and engineering references to help advance the H2 industry worldwide. 

Technical articles are authored by technology experts and officials working in the H2 sector and curated by H2Tech’s award-winning editorial team. Our quarterly editorial coverage includes CO2-neutral green and blue H2, management of high-emissions gray and brown H2, as well as developing methods of H2 production. A legend for the types (or “colors”) of H2 production, as commonly referenced in industry jargon and further defined by the editorial team of H2Tech, appears below for reader reference. 

We hope you find the contents of our inaugural issue informative and helpful to your work. Please reach out to the editorial team at Editors@H2-Tech.com with comments or queries—we want to hear from you on all things H2 technology! 


“The trade publication that attempts to cover a field when that field does not exist is doomed in advance; a publication that attempts to cover a field that does exist will prosper just in proportion to the earnestness of its purpose and the accuracy of its judgment.” 

—From the first issue of Hydrocarbon Processing, September 1922 

Although we have covered hydrogen in the pages of both Hydrocarbon Processing and Gas Processing & LNG in the past, we believe that the H2 sector has grown to the point where it requires a publication devoted to its own interests, challenges and opportunities. An industry growing so quickly requires a professional journal for the dissemination of the technology information available to its experts. 

The welcome that H2Tech has enjoyed—even in advance of its first issue—confirms our belief that this technical journal will help the hydrogen community in its work to advance the H2 sector. We present H2Tech to you with the idea of service. Each issue will offer new data and case studies on technologies, applications and trends, written by professionals with expertise and authority. 

One of the greatest obstacles facing a publication of this kind is the lack of editorial credibility of its content. Our goal is to offer H2Tech as the most respected publication for the H2 sector. To this end, we ask for your support, editorial contributions and constructive criticism, as feedback helps us shape H2Tech into the greatest resource possible for use in your work. 

Catherine Watkins 

Publisher, H2Tech 

Vice President Downstream, Gulf Energy Information