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OTC celebrates 50th anniversary of showcasing offshore innovation

The flagship Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is not only gearing up for another year at NRG Park (formerly Reliant Park) in Houston, but it is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

Growing Offshore Activity Creates Midstream Infrastructure Demand

Growing offshore exploration and production activity at locations around the globe is creating stronger demand for construction of pipelines and subsea infrastructure.

Gas and the energy transition—repurposing the system with hydrogen

Natural gas projects will receive a significant investment boost over the coming years. This will enable gas to overtake oil as the world’s primary energy source in 2026 and account for one-quarter of the world’s energy by mid-century.

New in Gas Processing Technology

BASF and The Linde Group’s engineering division have agreed on a collaboration to serve natural gas processing applications using BASF’s adsorbent technology and Linde’s adsorption and membrane technology.

The top three causes of contractor and engineering misalignment

When contractors, engineers and operations teams at downstream processing plants do not work together at optimal efficiency, it can present serious problems.

Executive Viewpoint: Introducing the refinery of the future

Businesses that develop and commercialize process technology are in a unique position to identify and evaluate global trends in our industry.

MPD wellbore seal monitoring and control provide deepwater maintenance solution

A fundamental rethinking of wellbore sealing technology is enabling a step change in deepwater managed pressure drilling (MPD) systems.

Data-driven, underbalanced CTD improves real-time decision-making

Underbalanced Coiled Tubing Drilling (UBCTD) offers operators a way to capture added value out of known reserves, and makes maximizing returns from declining fields a viable proposition. Indeed, when applied correctly, such technologies have been shown to deliver increased production rates at reduced cost, when compared to traditional methods.

Neural network-derived model accurately predicts oil recovery in water-drive reservoirs

Artificial neural networks are well-suited for modeling complex non-linear relationships, including the modeling of oil recovery factors in water-drive reservoirs. Image: Apache Corp.

Uniper talks to sell Italy LNG plant stake raises concerns in Rome

Uniper is in talks with Australian fund First State Investments to sell its stake in a liquefied natural gas terminal in Italy, raising concerns in Rome over the sale of strategic assets.

Exxon may decide on FEED for Russian Far East LNG project in 2019

Exxon Mobil’s Russian unit may take a decision this year on the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for its Far East Liquefied Natural Gas project with Rosneft.

Fire destroyed 11 petrochemical storage tanks before extinguished -official

A fire at a Mitsui & Co petrochemical storage site outside Houston, TX destroyed 11 massive storage tanks before it was extinguished early Wednesday, Intercontinental Terminals Co officials said.

Japan refiners unlikely to continue Iranian oil imports

Japanese refiners will unlikely continue to import oil from Iran in April unless Japan gets a sanctions waivers extension from the US government, Takashi Tsukioka, president of the Petroleum Association of Japan (PAJ), said.

Report finds $10 B in potential economic output from advanced technologies that recycle and recover plastics

A report released by the American Chemistry Council finds the potential economic impact of expanding advanced plastic recycling and recovery technologies in the United States to be nearly $10 billion.

Virginia Natural Gas Sees Veterans as Having the Right Stuff

The Southern Company Gas subsidiary, which provides natural gas service to nearly 300,000 customers in southeast Virginia, believes military veterans can provide the type of leadership and expertise to help fill its new employee needs.

Infrastructure Funding Chances, Opportunities Looking Up in 2019

It's uncertain whether infrastructure legislation will be approved in 2019, but the good news is that any bill will likely include water projects. This was not the case last year, when spending talk centered on roads and bridges instead of water and sewer construction.