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Diversified Infrastructure Providers Reshaping Private Water Landscape

The U.S. municipal water landscape is undergoing a transformation, as critical infrastructure services – water, gas, and electricity – converge under single investor-owned utility banners. This trend is highlighted by the growing roster of diversified infrastructure service providers owning water and wastewater utilities in the U.S., according to a new report from Bluefield Research.

Catalysts producer inaugurates new services and support office

Clariant announced that the company’s Catalysts business inaugurated a new services and support office in Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

HPCL plans to shut secondary units at refineries

India’s state-run Hindustan Petroleum Corp plans to shut some secondary units at its Mumbai and Vizag refineries in the current fiscal year in order to be able sell Euro-VI compliant fuel

India raises cost of refinery project with Aramco

India has increased the cost estimate of a giant refinery and petrochemical project to be jointly built with Saudi Aramco and Abu Dhabi National Oil Co by more than 36%, after protests by farmers forced the relocation of the plant

Japan LNG buyers talk tough as spot prices drop to 3-year lows

An inexorable decline in spot market prices for liquefied natural gas (LNG) is pushing utilities in Japan to be more aggressive in price reviews built into traditional long-term contracts linked to oil prices

Australia to consider reserving some gas for home market

Australia, the world’s top liquefied natural gas exporter said it would consider forcing gas producers to reserve some supply for the domestic market, as it looks to cut energy bills for households and manufacturers.

Floating LNG market overview: Has FLNG crested the wave?

Following the oil price crash in 2014, coupled with the view of an oversupplied LNG market, sanctioned volumes of new LNG supply dropped considerably between 2015 and 2017. However, throughout these stagnant years, FLNG was a bright spot in the market.

Singapore moves closer to becoming a global LNG trading hub

Amid strong demand for LNG in the Asia-Pacific region and the need to secure regular gas supplies on a large scale, Singapore may become a major regional hub for LNG trade.

SwRI Improves Structural Monitoring of Aging Pipelines with Transducers

Maintenance of aging pipelines, especially ones that are insulated and/or buried, is a major challenge, due to limited access for application of conventional nondestructive evaluation (NDE) techniques. Even when access is available, financial and time constraints mean that conventional NDE is often carried out on a sampling basis, which makes it less reliable than full coverage inspection.

TC Energy Funding ‘Pipeline Academy’ at Louisiana Technical College

A Louisiana technical college has received a $1 million donation from TC Energy to enable students to gain hands-on pipeline experience at its new “pipeline academy.”

Drive IIoT success with advanced analytics

Refineries, petrochemical and other process plants face similar challenges in daily operations, as each facility must mitigate risk, anticipate maintenance, optimize operations and minimize operational expenses.

The greening of the downstream industry: A carbon investment case for clean refining

Hydrocarbon Processing was pleased to speak recently with Mark Fonda, Executive Vice President, Engineering and Chief Technical Officer for Meridian Energy Group, which is building two grassroots refineries in the US.

HDD Contractors Share Successful Approaches to Modern Workforce Challenges

While the challenge of attracting and developing employees remains a serious issue industrywide, some leading HDD contractors are proving that smart workforce strategies can make a positive difference by aligning goals, motivating employees and building long-term commitment.

Modeling and Prediction of Black Powder Erosion of Gas Pipelines

Black powder particles are jagged and harder than many engineering materials used in pipelines and pipeline components and hence can be very erosive. The authors share the results of their research into erosion resistances of different materials.

NGVs battle zero-emissions rivals in EU transport sector

Fuelling vehicles with natural gas is often cost-effective, but a push to use even greener alternatives is holding the sector back

Efficiency improvements in liquefaction using vortex feed gas precooling

In today’s competitive energy environment, low-cost LNG from North America, the Middle East and Russia/CIS is the most economic way for energy-disadvantaged countries and remote areas throughout the world to reduce their dependency on higher-cost and dirtier fossil fuels.