Advent Technologies co-signs joint declaration to increase electrolyzer manufacturing capacities

Advent Technologies announced that its Chairman and CEO, Dr. Vasilis Gregoriou, participated in the European Electrolyzer Summit in Brussels. This event was organized by the European Commission in cooperation with Hydrogen Europe and took place under the auspices of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton, CEO of Hydrogen Europe Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, and 20 CEOs and executives representing companies including Advent, Bosch, Convion, Cummins, De Nora, Elogen, Enapter, Genvia, Green Hydrogen Systems, Helbio, H2B2, HyStar, John Cockerill, McPhy, Nel Hydrogen, Siemens Energy, SOLIDpower, Sunfire, Thyssenkrupp nucera and Topsoe, met and signed a Joint Declaration, establishing a clear goal of paving the way towards achieving the objectives of the REPowerEU’s proposed Hydrogen Accelerator, which sets out a strategy to double the previous EU renewable hydrogen target to 10 MMt of annual domestic production and an additional 10 MMt of annual H2 imports.

Under the Joint Declaration, Europe’s leading electrolyzer manufacturers agreed to increase their manufacturing capacity to have, by 2025, a combined annual electrolyzer manufacturing capacity in Europe of 17.5 GW, as well as to further increase that capacity by 2030 in line with projected demand for renewable and low-carbon H2.

Furthermore, the Joint Declaration features the three following pillars:

Dr. Vasilis Gregoriou, Advent’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said “Today marked an important milestone for ensuring Europe’s long-term energy self-sufficiency and significantly reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. To achieve the goals outlined in the Joint Declaration that we signed today, the European electrolyzer manufacturing sector needs to enhance collaboration to ramp up electrolyzer production to approximately 25 GW per year with an installed electrolyzer capacity of 90-100 GW. We all recognize this as a challenge but also as a significant industrial opportunity that can positively contribute to Europe’s transition to clean energy at a far faster rate than ever before. Advent is highly honored to be part of this joint commitment, and we are delighted to see the Commission supporting the industry’s goal to boost electrolyzer manufacturing. All of us at Advent Technologies look forward to sharing our long-standing expertise and playing a key role in the scale-up of electrolyzer manufacturing capacity, aiming to secure energy self-sufficiency and help Europe meet the growing demand for renewable hydrogen.”