Vision H2, Virya Energy awarded permits for 25-MW green H2 production facility

Vision Hydrogen Corporation has been granted permits for a 25-MW green H2 plant in North Sea Port of Terneuzen, the Netherlands. 

Vision Hydrogen subsidiary VoltH2, in partnership with Virya Energy, reaches a critical developmental milestone towards development of a 25-MW green hydrogen production facility with tube-trailer loading and integrated distribution facilities. This scalable platform allows the partnership to scale up production capacity at this site to 75 MW. At 25 MW, the plant will produce up to 3.5 MM kg of green hydrogen per year, and up to 10.5 MM kg of H2 output at 75 MW.

The project site is strategically located in the North Sea Port of Terneuzen, proximate to existing high voltage power and gas infrastructure as well as large renewable power producing assets for the supply of green electrons and large industrial customers for future offtake of clean hydrogen.

Less than 1500 m from the project site is the 150kV ground station of TenneT, the Dutch national high voltage grid operator, and less than 1400 m away is the connection point to the Yara-Dow-Zeeland Refinery Pipeline which may be repurposed for H2 transport to the Zeeland Refinery in future. Adjacent to the project site is the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal, providing water access to the major European Port of Ghent.

VisionH2 and Virya plan to build the initial 25 MW electrolysis plant using commercially available technology. Projected development costs for the initial phase of the project are estimated at €35 - €40 MM.