AKKA unveils 100% electric, H2-powered aircraft concept

Green&Fly, AKKA Technologies' fully electric, hydrogen-powered concept aircraft features a disruptive design based around a rhombohedral wing shape. Designed to carry up to 30 passengers for a range of 500 km, it is a zero-emission concept for flights at a regional scale.

The aircraft is a regional transport alternative, which aims to enhance mobility in mid-sized cities where there are no large hubs. Able to cope with runways of any length (Short Take Off Landing- STOL), it can operate on existing networks of aerodromes, thus leveraging underused infrastructures.

This concept combines the latest technologies and explores various configurations to optimize the aerodynamic performance and energy consumption of the aircraft, thus optimizing its electrification potential. Green&Fly is a light and small aircraft (classification CS25) with a futuristic design and a sophisticated mechanism powered by hydrogen fuel cell batteries and supercapacitors.

The rhombohedral wing shape, compared to a classic wing shape, generates less turbulence at wing extremity allowing a significant reduction in drag, opening up new possibilities for a highly efficient propulsion system. The stiffening of its structures is inspired by biomimicry based on the growth process of a leaf’s veins to improve stiffening efficiency, reducing the mass of the aircraft. To maximize the utilization rate, the cabin design is flexible allowing the aircraft to be easily converted from Passenger to Freighter. The cockpit integrates digital applications and AI to facilitate single-pilot operations. The aircraft design also incorporates energy recovery landing gear, with electric extension/retraction, with the aim of steadily replacing all hydraulic components with electric ones to reduce emissions.