Chevron agrees on framework to join H2 JV with Magnum, Mitsubishi

Chevron U.S.A. Inc. has agreed on a framework to acquire an equity interest in ACES Delta, which is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Power Americas Inc. and Magnum Development that owns the Advanced Clean Energy Storage project.

This project will produce, store and transport green hydrogen at utility scale for power generation, transportation and industrial applications in the western U.S.

The joint venture is located in Delta, Utah, adjacent to the Intermountain Power Plant, which will use green hydrogen to produce electricity with lower lifecycle carbon emissions. Future anticipated projects include the expansion of green hydrogen supply to other Western states and the construction of connecting hydrogen infrastructure to build a regional hydrogen production, transportation and supply network. Chevron is working to build demand for hydrogen — and the technologies that support it — in heavy-duty transportation and industrial sectors in which greenhouse gas emissions are hard to abate.

"For several years, we’ve been working with early adopters of green hydrogen in the power sector that have easy access to salt domes or existing hydrogen infrastructure, such as the Intermountain Power Agency and Magnum Development," said Paul Browning, president and CEO of Mitsubishi Power Americas. "Now it’s time to connect massive geologic hydrogen storage in Delta, Utah, to power, transportation and industrial users throughout the western U.S."