NextChem, Paul Wurth to develop low-carbon solutions for steel industry

Maire Tecnimont Group’s subsidiary NextChem and Paul Wurth will join forces to promote the combined use of electrolysis and syngas production in the iron and steel industry.

The cooperation between NextChem and Paul Wurth is aimed at developing an advanced technological solution to convert natural gas into synthesis gas, known as syngas, to be used during iron ore reduction. The utilization of syngas (a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen) allows for the decrease in the portion of fossil fuels required, thus reducing CO2 emissions in steel production process.

On the path of the energy transition and industry decarbonization, NextChem and Paul Wurth will combine their respective knowledge and expertise to study the integration of electrolysis technology into the syngas production scheme, with the aim of producing low-carbon steel at a competitive cost. Introducing green hydrogen into the metallurgical process allows for the further lowering of the volume of coke required and reduces the carbon footprint of steel plants.

“Integrating electrolysis in the revamping of steel furnaces is one of the most interesting challenges nowadays. We are really proud of this agreement, which strengthens the existing alliance between Maire Tecnimont and Paul Wurth to develop low carbon impact solutions in a hard-to-abate sector like the steel industry,” said Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO of Maire Tecnimont Group and NextChem.