Fusion Fuel Green, Elecnor Group to develop green H2 generation projects in Spain

Fusion Fuel Green has signed a collaboration agreement with the Elecnor Group for the development of green hydrogen projects in Spain using Fusion Fuel’s HEVO-SOLAR technology.

This collaboration will target the development of solar-to-hydrogen plants, leveraging Elecnor’s commercial footprint and know how in the engineering, construction, and development of renewable energy infrastructure projects, as well as its diversification into green hydrogen production. 

Spain has announced a long-term strategic commitment to develop an extensive hydrogen refueling network as part of its ambitious National Hydrogen Strategy, “Hoja de Ruta del Hidrógeno.” The production of cost-competitive clean hydrogen at scale is essential to achieving the country’s decarbonization targets. Fusion Fuel, through its Spanish JV entity, will seek to play a leading role in providing the technology to decarbonize the industrial and mobility sectors.